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Betfair Promo Code 2019

Betfair Promo Code 2019

Register now with Betfair and when you use the amazing Betfair Promo Code 2019 you’ll receive a generous – and very useful – £100 in free bets. Sign up to get your hands on this wonderful promocode. Betfair gives newly registered customers a great way to start off their new account.

*New customer offer. Place 5 x £10 or more bets to receive £20 in free bets. Repeat up to 5 times to receive maximum £100 bonus. Min odds 1/2 (1.5). Exchange bets excluded. T&Cs apply.

In recent times, Betfair have hugely increased their range of promos and offers for their sportsbook – both for existing bettors and newly registered customers. Register now and find out just how much is on offer!

Betfair Promo Code 2019 - Bonus Offer

The Betfair Promo Code 2019 requires newly registered customers to sign in and deposit an initial £10 into their account (details about how to quickly and simply register with Betfair can be found below) and then enter the Betfair Promocode, or just go to their website through our links in this review, in order to receive an extra £100 in free bets. Register now to receive 5 free bets of £20 (you get each of the free bets after you make 5 bets of at least £10) that are valid for a period of 30 days and certain odds requirements will need to be fulfilled. This great Betfair Promo Code 2019 introductory offer – when combined with some of the great promos and offers that can sometimes be found across the games and casino areas – means that newly registered customers can find handy ways to build on their first deposit. Sign up with Betfair now to enjoy all the great sportsbook and exchange betting, as well as the free bets!

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*T&Cs apply (see above)

A leading player in the online and mobile betting market, Betfair is the place to head to for regular promotions on a huge variety of sports from around the world. You name it and Betfair will have a range of markets, as well as offering regular free bets, money-back deals and many other great, innovative promotions. All of this in addition to the amazing Betfair Promo Code 2019 offer!

As an example, a particularly interesting deal is found in Betfair’s Price Rush service. By offering some very attractive increased odds and price boosts in certain markets and on particular events, Betfair continues to give bettors great, fun ways to wager on their favourite sports. With Price Rush, when customers place their bets on their desired sport, market or event Betfair will occasionally offer an odds boost that will supplement the odds. This is a useful way to enhance your bet and win even bigger!

The Betfair Promo Code 2019

Here is, in short, what you can get for the Betfair promo code 2019:

Bonus Type:Bonus Description:
Betfair Welcome Offer£100 in bonus betting money
Minimum Deposit£10
Terms and ConditionsNew customer offer. Place 5 x £10 or more bets to receive £20 in free bets. Repeat up to 5 times to receive maximum £100 bonus. Min odds 1/2 (1.5). Exchange bets excluded. T&Cs apply.
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The Betfair Promo Code 2019 is just one example of how Betfair attracts more and more new customers in order to remain one of the biggest and most innovative betting exchanges on the market. Betfair offers a massive and incredibly varied sporstbook that gives customers access to a vast array of markets. In-play betting, live video feeds, live chat options and that wonderful option for bonus, all make this a bookmaker that will definitely be worth your while. There’s also a huge variety of great casino action to enjoy too. Trustworthy, reliable and with years of experience in the betting world, Betfair is one of the biggest names in the industry.

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All About Betfair

Founded in 2000 by City financial whiz Edward Wray and pro gambler Andrew Black, Betfair has gone on to become the largest betting exchange to be found anywhere on the internet. Four years after being established, Betfair’s revenues were already more than an impressive £50m. And a mere decade after its inception Betfair was floated on the Stock Exchange. Now one of the biggest and most respected players on the betting scene, processing more than a billion wagers every year and the company is now valued at over $50 billion.

For many years Betfair existed solely as a betting exchange, but in 2013 extended its remit to include a sportsbook to run alongside its existing exchange. As a betting exchange, Betfair made betting simpler by making it easier for bettors to make peer-to-peer bets – whether laying or backing – at odds that the punters have decided upon. From every transaction Betfair would take a commision of between 2% and 5%. By using this system, punters can find themselves with odds that are up to ⅕ better than they would find on fixed betting books.

This great, innovative model won Betfair many customers, accolades and cemented their reputation as leading bookmaker. The innovative nature of Betfair’s expansion goes all the way back to 2001 when they became the very first bookie to give customers the option of experiencing revolutionary in-play betting on their exchanges.

One of the biggest bookmakers in the UK, Betfair now boasts over a million customers from more than 100 countries from all across the globe. The site is available to be viewed in a range of different of languages and customers are able to bet in a variety of currencies.

Betfair is a trusted and respected name in online betting, especially for bettors who prefer to engage in peer-to-peer betting (with the additional offer of fixed bets being always available). In addition, Betfair also features a solid sportsbook that offers a range of sports – each with a variety of markets to choose from.

Fast Funds Bookmakers

Yet again, this brand is the first to offer a unique feature. With the new feature dubbed Fast Funds, players can more easily make their deposits and withdrawals. If you rely on VISA debit or you are a VISA pre-paid customer, you can make quick deposits and withdrawals. We are talking less than two hours.

This almost instant form of transferring funds will draw more people to Betfair. We believe that there are going to be more Fast Funds bookmakers in the future, however, Betfair will remain as one of the first ones to implement it.

New Customer Promotions

Betfair regularly offers a wide range of promotions and offers guaranteed to entice new customers to the site, all of which can be found on the Betfair website. Simply click on the links provided to find out more. Certain regulations and bet requirements are necessary to take advantage of some of these offers, but customers are guaranteed to find an offer that will enhance their betting experience. By visiting through our links, you will get the chance to earn the magnificent bonus offer that we have described above.

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The Betfair Website

Betfair’s traditional black and yellow livery makes for an arresting, eye-catching combination and customers have come to know and trust the colours of their favorite bookies. The Betfair website is cleanly designed, efficient, uncluttered and have speedy loading times. Highlights of all major sports make up the main body of the mainpage while links to the casino and all the great Betfair promos and offers are easy to navigate around.

Betfair Virtual Sports

Equally easy to navigate is the betting exchange itself, with sports listed alphabetically on the easy-to-use drop-down menu that is situated at the top of the page. Customers will find it easy to find their way around this slickly put together site, whether they’re on the lookout for the betting exchange, the sportsbook and the many other options, offers and features on offer. The great mobile app (much more on which later!) features a good many of the desktop site and is also very easy to navigate around.

Sports Markets

Betfair offer a very large range of sports markers, currently 24 different markets in the sportsbook and more in the exchange. With Betfair, the particularly impressive aspect is the depth of the markets on offer, if there is an event on pretty much anywhere you can usually find someone laying odds on Betfair. Likewise you can lay odds on pretty much anything you want in the world of sport.

As you would expect from a bookmaker as comprehensive as Betfair, the amount of sports and markets available. All the big traditional sports are catered for as well as some slightly more obscure sports – some of which may surprise you. We are all familiar with bookmakers that offer odds on the likes of football, boxing and major golf and tennis tournaments, but Betfair also offers sportsbook and exchange odds on the likes of cricket, bowls and even chess! Sports from around the world are available, with Gaelic football, American football and Aussie Rules football all covered. And for those who prefer their sports to be a little more sedate, poker, pool and netball are also on offer.

There’s also the option for the fiscally-minded to bet on financial markets in the Tradefair area. This is obviously a slightly more involved way to bet and some knowledge of financial and economic systems and an up-to-date understanding of world events and market trends are vital to understanding this type of betting. It is certainly not something that should be entered into lightly.

As well as sports from leagues and tournaments of all types from around the world and the option to bet on financial markets, Betfair also offers odds on a weird and wonderful variety of non-sporting events across the globe.

Almost anything you could come come up with is already covered by Betfair’s dizzying array of non-sporting markets. Politics and talent show maybe the simplest markets to comprehend, but you can also bet on such odd and specific things as the weather and even the chance that proof alien life will be found by a particular date! And if you can’t find odds on an event that you have in mind, then get in touch with Betfair and they’ll do their best to give you a price on it…

The variety of markets that Betfair offers is incredibly wide. For any particular football match, for instance, Betfair will routinely offer over a hundred markets for their customers to choose between. Luckily, the website designers have made the experience of finding the particular market that you are looking for. It is quick and simple to navigate your way around the various markets and then find all of the odds available. This is a very simple way to find your way among what can sometimes be a daunting amount of options.

Laying and Backing

Whether you’re a newbie to betting or a seasoned pro, it’s always worth taking a refresher course when signing up with a new bookmaker. Betfair made its name as a betting exchange, and many customers use it primarily for that purpose. This is a peer-to-peer transaction, where customers can choose to place a bet (this is what is known as ‘backing’) in exactly the same way that is so familiar form a regular bet placed in a bookies. As well as ‘backing’ a bet, peer-to-peer bettors also have the option to lay a bet. This allows other bettors to lay a bet for someone else to ‘back’. When laying a bet in this way, customers win if the person who takes up the bet sees that bet failed to come off. Betfair takes its commission from whichever punter wins the bet.

Whether you choose to back a bet or to lay a bet, you act as your own bookmaker in that you can choose to offer the bet at whatever odds you choose. It’s worth bearing in mind however that extreme odds are less likely to find many takers and bets can of course only become active if anyone decides to take it – that is if someone decides to ‘lay’ the bet that you’ve offered. As you will probably imagine, the same applies when the bet is reversed: if you lay a bet at long odds, unless someone takes you up on the offered bet, then you must reduce the odds or risk the bet being cancelled.

Understanding the Odds

The great mix of Betfair’s betting exchange and the depth and variety of sports and markets available through its sportsbook mean that Betfair is a popular one-stop destination for bettors. It has to be said that many bookmakers offer exchanges, but most prefer to place emphasis on their sportsbook. Because of the sheer volume of customers that use the Betfair exchanges, more odds are available meaning that there are more bets for customers to choose between.

But although Betfair is justly renowned for the range and options available within its betting exchange, its sportsbook is a great place to find a variety of offers and promotions that will greatly enhance the odds and make bets that bit more attractive. Whichever sport tickles your fancy, you can be relatively sure that you’ll find an offer or promo within the market your searching. Do bear in mind that because of the peer-to-peer nature of exchange betting, it is not possible for Betfair to offer the same kind of odds enhancers that you’ll find on sportsbook betting.

All odds that you’ll find on the Betfair site are available in the form of decimals as well as fractions. All odds are well flagged up and it is always clear and obvious which odds are being offered to back and which are offered to lay. Everything is pleasantly designed and those new to the intricacies of exchange betting will have no problem navigating their way around and learning the ropes.

Bets and Payouts Caps

Bettors should be especially aware that Betfair places certain caps on the amount of money customers can wager as well as the maximum amount that a bet will pay out. And remember, this doesn’t only apply to high-rollers who like to drop big, big bets, but also to more regular bettors who might prefer to bet small stakes on long-odds accumulators. Imagine getting excited when a season accumulator comes in only to find out that there’s a cap on your massive jackpot win!

If you’re betting in the exchange, it is possible to back a bet or lay a bet to the maximum amount that is available from the pool. This amount is always presented beneath the odds. Naturally, the amount of money in any particular pool is dependent on the odds that have been offered. To take a test case: even odds on Manchester United to beat Liverpool could possibly result in a pool of £100. However, if the odds move to 3-5, the amount of money in the pool may be far greater. This can be very useful, because bettors can’t accidentally bet too much because the amount of money that is represented by the pool is the maximum on offer.

In the sportsbook things are a little simpler. Here, maximum / minimum bets and payouts are clearly applied to certain bet selections and backed odds. It is advisable for all customers to bone up on all of Betfair’s T&C before putting down a bet – especially a big one! It should be stressed that for all this talk of payout caps, Betfair offers relatively high maximum payouts. For football bets and horse racing payouts can reach up to £1m. The maximum payouts for various other sports can tend to vary significantly. Just to give you some idea, max payouts for tennis and golf have a ceiling of £500,000. Max payouts on cricket are capped at £250,000, while bets on North American sports are usually capped at £100,000. The special novelty bets and indoor sports (pastimes?) usually max out at £25,000. As specified, all of these regulations can be found in the T&C section of the Betfair website.

In-Play Betting and Live Streaming

In-Play Betting – Live!
As we’ve already mentioned, in 2001 Betfair was the first bookies to give its customers the offer of live betting. This led to the development of Betfair’s innovative in-play option. The current version of the site’s in-play service offers a comprehensive variety of ways to bet, whether customers choose to bet in the sportsbook or prefer exchange betting.

But Betfair doesn’t just settle for live streaming! The site also offers a full range of sports news, helpful guides, stats relating to recent form and live score services. There is a comprehensive spectrum of options, but all the live options are divided up into their sports as well as chronologically. As with the entire Betfair site, the live streaming options are easy to find and simple to use.

It has to be said that the in-play service offered on the betting exchange is a superior version than the one found in the sportsbook portion of the site. The version in the betting exchange is a customisable service that allows customers to create a section for their own particular section ahead of the event they intend to bet on.

The especially good thing about all this is that customers can also access the in-play service while they are out and about on their mobile, where it is just as quick and easy to get to. Particularly useful when you’re on the move!

Of course, the effectiveness of any in-play market is dependent on how fast the information is updated. There’s nothing more frustrating than screen freeze when you’re in the middle of an exciting sports event. The reliability and speed of the in-play feature is the reason that Betfair is so trusted by gamblers across the world. Here, scores are updated quickly, reliably and efficiently so you can keep up to date with all the action and not worry that you’ll miss the chance to bet at a moment’s notice.

Betfair Live Streaming
Live streaming is a really big and important feature of the Betfair website. Sports from around the world are streamed around the clock. It is especially useful when used in conjunction with the betting exchange and the in-play service. Live events are advertised in advance and it’s simple to choose to bet in play on only those events that are also streamed live. This great live streaming service, allied with the in-play betting and the amount of sports and markets available, makes Betfair a great package for newbies and seasoned pros.

You can rest assured that all live streaming services are entirely free for all members who currently have funds in their Betfair account. Do note however that live streaming of horse races is dependent on punters having placed a bet of £2 or more on that particular race. This great live streaming option is also offered on mobile devices as well as on the desktop site.

Mobile Betting

Betfair offers a huge range of apps for your mobile device. Dedicated apps are available for both the betting exchange and the sportsbook. While this is in theory a great idea to speed up the time needed to access your preferred betting option, in practice it can be a barrier between making comparisons between the odds offered on the exchange with the fixed odds being offered over on the sportsbook. It should be said that despite this split, the various apps do manage to mirror the functionality of every part of the desktop site.

The Betfair app is quick and easy to download and once you have it on your phone, the familiar black and yellow colourings are easy to find and the app is very well designed and simple to navigate. Everything from offers and promos to in-play action to menus are all clearly displayed. Online account management reflects the desktop functionality here too. But the real plus of mobile betting being that customers can act on a tip or gut feeling that they get whilst on the move. The app is available for Android and iOS.

It must be said that the sportsbook app is a cut above the exchange app. Seeing as Betfair is a bookie that has based its success on exchange betting, it comes as a surprise that the company has not nailed down this side of their mobile operations. The exchange options can tend to be long winded trek through various options before you find the market that you’re looking for. This can occasionally make for slow going – crippling when time is a factor! For those who prefer exchange betting, it might be wiser to stick mainly to the desktop site.

Cashing Out

A truly great feature amongst all the great features offered by Betfair is the Cash Out option that’s available on the app. Betfair are a market leader in this area – especially when you factor in all the other functions that the app offers.

The novel Cash Out option is offered on horseracing (note that this only applies only to bets placed to win or each way bets) and many other sports and markets. It’s easy to find out which events for which the Cash out option is currently offered by going to the drop down menu at the top of the page, but you’ll be pleased to learn that it is regularly available on a huge variety of markets. Unusually – and sometimes very usefully! – Betfair offers a Cash Out option on in-play horse races! It is one of the very few bookies to offer such a flexible way to go about your betting.

You may still be wondering exactly how the Cash Out option functions. Let’s take another hypothetical example: perhaps you’re a big F1 fan and have put down a bet that Jenson Button is going to take the chequered flag at Brand’s Hatch at 5-to-1 odds a week before the Grand Prix takes place. After a great showing in the qualifying laps Button finds himself installed in pole position for the big race. At this point you might see that the Cash Out option is offering you £15 to cash in on your bet right now. Do you cave in and take the surefire £5 wining or hold your nerve? If you do manage to stick to your guns and find that, with the race at the midway point, that Button is leading the pack then the Cash Out option may now offer you a tempting £30 to settle the bet. You can see where this is going, yes? Cash Out and take a reduced win or stick it out and go for glory – the Cash Out option leaves it up to you.

And if that’s not exciting enough, Betfair’s Partial Cash Out option gives you even more control over your bet. Let’s go back to our Grand Prix example: Button is still leading at the halfway point and you are still being offered that tantalising Cash Out amount of £30. With Partial Cash Out, you can take part of the amount on offer. Say you were to take half of that amount out. That would be half of the money offered – £15 – goes into your pocket, while the other half of the initial bet – which now stands at £5 – remains in play. At this stage you’re a surefire winner, although bear in mind that should Button go on to win, your winnings won’t be quite as great as they would have been if you’d have stayed all-in for the duration of the whole race!

Betfair Games and Casino

Betfair Play Poker

On top of all the exchange betting options and the huge variety of sports and markets offered by the Betfair sportsbook, the Betfair site offers a wide range of gaming options and casino action. In this area of the site you’ll find a massive selection of arcade games, slots, poker options and bingo games. Many of these features are also available on a spectacular variety of dedicated apps. There are regular offers and promos offered on all of these games.

Betfair on Social Media

No company worth its salt can possibly go about its business these days without having a firm presence on social media, and Betfair is considered to be among the finest online bookmakers when it comes to keeping in touch with its vast amount of customers. The Betfair Facebook page is a lesson in social engagement, and is updated constantly with news, offers, promos and odd little bits of trivia. The firm is equally active on Twitter, with tweets dropping regular news of what’s going on at the site. Follow them now – @Betfair – to keep up to date with all the latest news. For any inquiries or help you can get in touch with them via @BetfairHelpDesk.

Betfair’s Big USP!

Betfair is a great site for the new or casual gambler, but it really comes into its own for the more experienced bettor. Indeed, some gamblers make a good living by playing clever with the Betfair exchange. Professional gamblers appreciate the huge range and great depth of the unbeatable aspects of the exchange as well as the speed, ease of use and flexibility that the site offers. The Betfair sportsbook is decent enough, but is competent, easy to navigate and offers a wide variety of features and functions, such as the handy Cash Out option as well as the great in-play and live streaming availability.

Betfair Live Roulette

Where Betfair really comes into its own though is in its exchange betting functionality. In fact, if you are hooked on exchange betting, you’ll find everything you need with Betfair. Whether you prefer to place your bets on your desktop computer or like to keep it moving and make your punts while out and about then Betfair offers great functionality, smooth live streaming, sports from around the world and a deep pool of markets to choose from..

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Deposits and Withdrawals

Betfair offers customers the opportunity to deposit money into their account in a range of methods and a variety of currencies. It must be noted here that Betfair have sometimes been criticised for their tendency for passing on the cost of any transactions to their members. With that in mind it is always worth checking the precise fees that you’ll be charged before making any deposits into your account. While this can be a little bit annoying, it is possible to check all of this smallprint by reading the Betfair terms and conditions.

As mentioned above, Betfair takes deposits and bets in seven different currencies. Do however be aware that once your account is open, whichever currency you have initially chosen will be set as the currency you must use going forward.

The following currencies are accepted:

  • UK Sterling
  • Euros
  • Australian Dollars
  • Danish Kroner
  • HK Dollars
  • Swedish Krona
  • US Dollars

Maximum / minimum deposit requirements can tend to vary depending on the method you are using. For most card payments – such as Mastercard, Maestro and Visa – the minimum deposit amount will need to be £10, with no max deposit cap. Of course, with all this happening in the virtual space of the internet there’s no option to pay with actual cash, but customers who prefer hard currency there’s the option to utilise cash-based voucher-type systems as Ukash as well as Paysafecards. Sadly some fees are attached to depositing cash with some of these payment methods, with a 1.5% fee tagged on to Mastercard and Visa deposit transactions. It has to be said that fees like these feel a little antiquated and cheap.

Happily there are many options for customers to use fee-free methods to make a deposit:

In much happier news, withdrawals from your Betfair account are – in general – free to transact. The exception to this is it comes to withdrawal via the use of express bank transfers, although it’s worth remembering that all bookmakers levy a charge for using this method. All the payment methods listed above are also available as methods for withdrawing winnings from your account (the exception this time is that this doesn’t apply to voucher systems or prepay cards). There is no option for depositing with one method and withdrawing with another method.

Card withdrawals usually take two to five days working to complete, while Paypal withdrawals tend to be much faster, with many being transacted in a matter of hours. Betfair is friendly enough not to impose a minimum deposit when it comes to card withdrawals. Other withdrawal methods are not quite as flexible but will allow you to withdraw anything above a £10 minimum amount.

Customer Service

Betfair takes customer service seriously, with help on offer via a variety of different channels. Live chat and the Betfair Twitter feed can answer many of your most immediate questions, with back-up coming through email and phone. Note that the phone option is offered only at certain times during the day, but the live chat option is available round the clock. Any email reply will always give you an estimated time it will take for your query to be answered, which means you’re not kept hanging on not knowing where you are in the system.

Responsible Gambling

Betfair does not take its responsibility to responsible gaming lightly. In the UK, all betting firms are required to have a valid Gambling Commission licence. This is designed to protect bettors from wrongful practices and any gaming firm that does not comply by the Commission’s strict guidelines runs the risk of having their licence taken away.

Betfair is a leading light in responsible gaming and offers a variety of tools that allow bettors to gamble in a safe and secure way. Some of the many safeguards made available by Betfair include:

  • Deposit Limits
  • Daily, Weekly or Monthly Loss Limits
  • Transfer Limits
  • Self-exclusion
  • Partial Self-Exclusion
  • Game-session timers
  • Budget calculators
  • Advice service
  • Parental control service

Licence Information

UK Licence ref/No: 39426.
Betfair various divisions are all licenced and regulated by the Malta gaming authority. Gaming and entertainment divisions also have UK gambling commission licences to operate here: 000-039426-R-319332-001 and 000-039435-R-319329-001.
Additional details on restricted territories and operations can be found in the Betfair terms and conditions found on the home page.

Contact Details

  • Name: Betfair Counterparty Services Ltd
  • URL:
  • Customer Services: 0844 871 5000 (UK), 1800 944 000 (IRE), 1300 238 324 (AUS), 0044 203 059 8888 (overseas)
  • E-Mail:
  • Customer services address: Betfair Helpdesk, Icon One, Lytton Way, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, SG1 1AG, United Kingdom.
  • Head Office: Waterfront, Hammersmith Embankment, Chancellors Road (access on Winslow Road), London, England W6 9HP, United Kingdom. (Phone: +44 (0)208 834 8000)Phone betting (exchange only): 0844 871 5000 (UK), 1800 719 915 (IRE), 132BET (132238) (AUS)
  • Text betting: Not offered
  • Twitter: @Betfair, @BetfairHelpdesk (8am-11pm) and more
  • Registered Company address: Betfair, Triq ll Kappillan, Santa Venera, SVR 1851, Malta

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